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Sustainability Now! Sunday, February 5th, 5-6 PM: What’s a CAP? And what does it do? With Rachel Kippen

What’s a CAP?  And what does it do?

With Rachel Kippen


On Sustainability Now! Sunday, February 5th, 5-6 PM

on KSQD 90.7 FM and KSQD.org


Join host Ronnie Lipschutz for a conversation with Rachel Kippen about city and county “climate action plans.”  A CAP lays out a community’s roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decade, with input and review by community members and various “stakeholders.” How does a city or county go about developing a CAP, and is it an aspirational document or a plan for concrete action? And how effective are these plans in driving concrete emission reductions?  Do CAPS matter?

Rachel is a coastal environmental advocate, writer, nonprofit professional, and artist with over 15 years’ experience in educational programming, communications, and advocacy. She writes “Our Ocean Backyard,” a twice monthly column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and is advisor and consultant to a number of city and county municipal CAPs.  We’ll be talking about how CAPS are developed and implemented, giving listeners insights into how government works and the roles that citizens can play, especially in the face of the climate change challenge.

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