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Sustainability Now! Sunday, Feb. 18th: The Elephant Seals are Back! with Dr. Theresa Keates

Theresa Tagging an Elephant Seal (NMFS permit 19108)

The Elephant Seals are Back!

with Dr. Theresa Keates


On Sustainability Now! Sunday, February 18th, 5-6 PM

The elephant seals are back!

The elephant seals have made their annual trip back to the California Coast!  During the winter months, Elephant Seals turn to love…and fighting… and feeding… and laying around in the sun and rain. This is the prime viewing season at Año Nuevo State Park and Point Reyes National Seashore, where you can watch the two-ton male seals fight bloody battles over the females, the females feeding their large and growing pups, and listen to the odd noises they produce (although they probably think humans make strange noises).

On Sunday, February 18th, 2024, we will rebroadcast an interview with Dr. Theresa Keates, who holds a UCSC PhD in Ocean Sciences and is currently a Legislative Analyst with the California Energy Commission. Keates’ dissertation research centered on deploying oceanographic tags on elephant seals, which offer both a source of valuable oceanographic data from remote regions as well as a unique platform to investigate these very large marine mammals.

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