Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Cares talks with Janet Quinn

On Thursday October 7. 2021, Janet Quinn talked to Kayla Kumar and Joy Schendledecker about Santa Cruz Cares.

This fairly new group is dedicated to COMPASSIONATE approaches to houseless people and the whole “homeless situation”. Their neighborhood canvassing has shown that the majority of local people favor compassionate approaches including “Housing First”. The public are much more supportive than the current city council.

Santa Cruz Cares strongly supports sanitation facilities and other services for people, and strongly appose criminalization of people.

Mission statement

Santa Cruz Cares is a collection of neighbors, activists, working people, and parents who seek to create effective and compassionate methods of solving the problems our community faces. We set out to heal our local information ecosystem by having authentic conversations with our neighbors. We also seek to create local support systems and advocate for rhetoric, behavior and policies that uphold the human dignity of all residents.

Instagram @SantaCruzCares

Twitter: WestsideCares1