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Rope Partner of Santa Cruz: Caring for Wind Turbines and the Environment

On Talk of the Bay, Monday, March 22, 2021 at 5pm, Christine Barrington interviews team members of the Santa Cruz-based wind turbine servicing firm Rope Partner.

Human-generated climatic shifts are beginning to make themselves felt across the globe and solutions are arising to adjust to and meet this challenge, and the rise of wind-generated power is one of the important paths toward clean energy security. Most of us are used to seeing stands of great white turbines like flocks of  mechanical birds facing into the breeze.  But, have you ever wondered who takes care of these behemoths? What happens when cracks erupt along those turning blades, who goes up there to mend and tend?

It turns out that right here in Santa Cruz there is a company that supplies a robust crew of technicians with just the right skills. Even as we are used to seeing wind farms churning away on the hills of our golden state, most Californians have witnessed the skill and daring of those who gear up to climb the great rock faces dotting our American landscape. It was a stroke of genius when someone put 2 and 2 together and tapped the rich pool of skilled rock climbers and invited them up onto our wind turbines to get the job done. Rope Partners of Santa Cruz was just that company and they send their highly trained climbing technicians across the nation to provide that specialized maintenance that keeps our wind-power industry up and running.  

Join us to hear how Rope Partner engages strong environmental conservation efforts as they work, supporting the efforts of scientists to gather data helpful to understanding our planet and planting trees to offset carbon.

This interview features Rope Partner’s Jacqueline Sommers, Project Logistics Manager; Supervising technician, Trenton Manns; Kyle Flowers, Supervising technician and member of Rope Partner’s Conservation Committee. With special musical guest, Keith Rayburn