Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Roomers and Zoomers go back to school

It’s been the wildest, most unprecedented year of public school in memory. A year ago, students stared bleary-eyed at teachers fumbling through new technology. Now, teachers are connected, media-savvy, and wired for action. Students learning from school—Roomers—are integrated with students learning from home—Zoomers in a fun, interactive environment. Teachers and administrators from around the county meet in “communities of practice” to share tips, frustrations, and discoveries. How did it all happen? Where will it lead us?

On Talk of the Bay, host Suki Wessling interviews two leaders from the County Office of Education, Debi Bodenheimer, the Associate Superintendent for Educational Services at the Santa Cruz, and Stephanie Sumarna, Distance Learning Teacher on Special Assignment. Debi helps plan and implement the direction that our county’s public education is moving in. Stephanie connects with teachers to help them maximize their effectiveness in this new world of distance, hybrid, and in-person instruction.

Listen in to find out what teachers and administrators have faced in the last year, how they’ve persevered, and what their plans are for the fall. After this wild ride, they are planning for (hopefully) calmer seas ahead.

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