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Randi Reed: The LGBTQ Rollercoaster Guide to Becoming a Parent

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday November 17, 2020 host Christine Barrington interviewed LGBTQ+ Educator and advocate, Randi Reed about the convoluted  journey to become a parent when one is gay and in need of fertility interventions to make that dream a reality.

Randi Reed (she/her) calls herself a “Professional Queer.” As a Cis-Female Lesbian she has been working for LGBTQ+ inclusion and rights since her teens, and today works professionally empowering communities across the state in becoming skillful around gender issues.

Consistently drawn to education, children, and community connection, Randi has always known she wanted children. But, as a fertility challenged, lesbian, thirty-something, who works for a non-profit in California, the dream has been elusive.  In tracing Randi’s arduous journey to become a parent,  listeners will have an opportunity to learn much from an expert educator about the cultural realities of being a member of the LGBTQ+ community and how to respond to these members of our community with greater sensitivity, knowledge, and skill.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community and are seeking fertility resources, Randi offers these options:


Human Rights Campaign WEBSITE:  HRC
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