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Healthy Eating and Economic Justice in the Pajaro Valley

Radio Show #28 (click on this link for podcast), September 20, 2020, Healthy Eating and Economic Justice in the Pajaro Valley. Host Ronnie Lipschutz welcomes his guests, Mireya Gomez-Contreras and Ana Rasmussen, codirectors of Esperanza Community Farms.  Esperanza Community Farms is a system-changing, sustainable community agriculture project focused entirely and directly on increasing food security and good health among low-income families from under-resourced communities in the Pajaro Valley. ECF cultivates fresh, pesticide-free, culturally preferred vegetables and fruit varieties, then deliver bi-weekly boxes of produce directly to members’ homes via a subsidized Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

You can find out more about Esperanza Community Farms at:  and more about sustainable urban agriculture at