Thanks to all of our listeners who donated during KSQD’s fall fundraising drive. With your help, we raised over $16,500 before we went off the air for three days due to PG&E’s planned shutdown.

The K-squid squad will resume our fundraising with a mini-drive leading up to Giving Tuesday, November 30-December 3rd with the themes of gratitude, family and community. We have so much to be thankful for (especially our supporters!). We are confident we’ll get the rest of the way to our goal of $25,000.

One things this power outage made clear: our top priority is to create resilient backup systems to stay on the air during future extended power outages so that we can better serve the emergency communication needs of our community. That means working with our landlords at the County Office of Education and UCSC to install generators or share existing ones. We hope to negotiate these arrangements as soon as possible.

During the recent power-outage, we felt buoyed up by all the support and encouragement that had flowed in during pledge week. We missed being able to bring you the programs you have grown to love. Together, we are stronger and can weather just about anything.