Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Peter Weiss and the Earth Rangers - bringing ecological awareness and a positive vibe to the children in all of us

Peter Weiss, also known as the Singing Scientist, has worked at UCSC since 2009. He is a Lecturer in Dept of Chemistry, Faculty Researcher in Dept of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology. He has published many papers on the topic of Mercury as a Global Pollutant and his research has been featured on many media outlets including National Geographic, Scientific American, Al Jazeera, and local Bay Area TV stations. Peter currently has funding for mercury research in California from the US Department of Agriculture and the US Bureau of Reclamation to investigate the sources and transformations of mercury, its impacts in fish and aquatic species, and ultimately, in humans.

Peter’s creative outlet is playing music that educates and uplifts people. He started performing as the Singing Scientist over a decade ago to combat environmental illiteracy and connect with kids (that happened to be the age of his own kids at that time…). He has performed at the Kate Wolf and Strawberry music festivals in addition to schools, libraries, and community events around the SF and Monterey Bay areas.

Peter’s musical partners (The Earth Rangers) are just as committed to the environment as he is, love kids, and they are stellar singers. Scuba Ron Goodman works as a data scientist and also directs the Santa Cruz Virtual Singer Pandemic Choir. Green Gail Swain is a member of the Healer Trio musical group and Music Director at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County.