Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Nature as Ally for Activism with Kai Siedenburg

On Good News Santa Cruz, May 20, 2021 Christine Barrington interviews Kai Siedenburg, founder of Our Nature Connection about how skillful communing with Nature can assist us in taking meaningful action on behalf of all life.

Kai Seidenbert is a nature connection guide, an Ecotherapist, and a wonderful writer and poet who has published two books, Space Between Stones and Poems of Earth and Spirit. Kai has created a unique body of work integrating nature awareness and mindfulness as a path to mind-body wellness, and she offers programs to individuals and groups through her organization Our Nature Connection. 

Together, Christine and Kai explore the power of Inner Activism and engage these inquiries: What if activism can be redefined? What if it really begins on the inside, and that tending to our inner state will enable us to discover new ways to take meaningful action, and, do it in a way that feeds us, rather than drains us?

What if Nature is our greatest ally?

Kai Siedenburg, founder of Our Nature Connection