Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Music producer Dan Rosenberg shares stories and music from Ukraine


Daniel Rosenberg is a publicist, radio producer, and music producer who played a major role in introducing US, Canadian and western European audiences to music from around the globe. He produced the radio show Café International and produced episodes of the nationally syndicated radio program Afropop Worldwide, and CBC’s radio program Global Village, and NPR’s Artbeat. He has also written for a host of publications including fRoots, Outpost, Sing Out!, and contributed to MTV’s SonicNet. Dan produced more than 50 titles for the Rough Guide world music CD series, Putumayo, World Music Network, SoundsTrue, and others. His recent production of “Yiddish Glory – The Lost Songs of World War II” received a grammy nomination for best World Music Album. In his work producing Yiddish Glory and other music that has its origins in Ukraine, he has become friends with a number of Ukrainian musicians, and has been following closely their efforts to get out of combat zones and protect their families.

Music played in this program includes excerpts of songs (and some interview excerpts) by the following musicians: the Hudaki Village Band, Dakha Brakha, Arkady Gendler, Yiddish Glory, Sergiu Babuci, Perkalaba, and Mariana Sadovska.