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How Can We Move Forward From The Big Lie?

“ How Can We Move Forward From The Big Lie?”

Podcast fact correction: 59% (not 49%) of Democrats view Republicans as the “political opposition.”

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At “Be Bold America!” we will be making a shift in direction for this coming year. What is it?

Well, we still have a crisis in politics that can’t be ignored. But, we also have a crisis in acceptable character and principle-centered living that can’t be ignored either. In addition, we’re gaining a co-host, Pettis Perry, Ed.D.!

Dr. Pettis Perry will be joining host Jill Cody to talk about politics, social justice, and how listeners can live a more meaningful and principled-centered political and professional life.

Interview Guest:

Jeffrey Slough lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a teacher, singer/songwriter and performer. He uses music and powerful storytelling to entertain, educate and motivate from the stage to the classroom.