Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Kyle Robertson and Jeanne Proust of the Center for Public Philosophy on philosophy in daily life


Jeanne Proust has studied Humanities, Philosophy and Visual Arts in Bordeaux, Berlin, and Paris. She has been teaching Philosophy for the last 13 years in the U.S. Her PhD dissertation (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) focused on the pathologies of willpower, both in philosophical and psychological perspectives, but her interests are wide: among many fields, she does research in Ethics, Philosophy of Technologies, Bioethics, Feminist theory, and Aesthetics. While teaching at different universities in New York, Jeanne has been advocating for a widening of philosophical education beyond Academia by participating in different events open to the general public. She taught at Rikers Island as a volunteer, and regularly gives public talks in philosophy, leading her to recently produce her own podcast, “Can You Phil It?”. She also collaborates with artists on her photography, drawing and painting works. Jeanne currently teaches as a lecturer for UC Santa Cruz and is involved with the Center for Public Philosophy. This Spring, she is leading the production of the “Crossing Borders” event, along with workshops for undergraduates on the Ethics of New Technologies based on the TEQ Deck project.

Kyle Robertson is a Continuing Lecturer in the UC Santa Cruz Philosophy and Legal Studies departments and a staff member at the Center for Public Philosophy. As a part of the Center, he founded and directs the Northern California High School Ethics Bowl program, teaches as part of Mount Tamalpais College at San Quentin State Prison, runs local pre-college philosophy programs, and regularly speaks and publishes on public philosophy. He also works with a variety of national organizations in public philosophy including the Public Philosophy Network, the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO), and the National High School Ethics Bowl.