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How can we save our redwoods?

Save the Redwoods League, astonishingly, is over 100 years old. But that’s young compared to many of the trees they are trying to save.

Redwood forests are perhaps the single greatest treasure that California offers the world. These magnificent trees only live here, and create a magical universe all their own. We humans feel drawn to walk through them and admire, but for so many years, we brought destruction with us. Save the Redwoods is reversing that history.

In this conversation, host Suki Wessling welcomes Dr. Joanna Nelson and Anthony Castaños, tireless advocates for our redwood forests. Topics covered include restoring lands that have been purchased from private companies, working with the Amah Mutsun Band to use traditional methods of forestry, partnering with other agencies to make sure our redwood forests are cared for, last year’s CZU fires and their aftermath, and reaching out to the community to foster appreciation for and understanding of the redwood forests around us.

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Photo of Montgomery Woods by Max Forster