K-Squid is two years old. Woooo hooooo! We went live on the air on February 15th, 2019. Our station is maturing at a startling rate, (way beyond the toddler phase) thanks to our 130 volunteer program hosts, board members, staff, and most of all, you: our loyal listener. Our radio tentacles are reaching farther, embracing more of the community, lending a helping hand where needed, and spreading goodwill and comfort at a time that history will record was marked by fear and constraint. We have added new programs, expanded our audience, and held some swimmingly fun events over these two years. It has been a labor of love for those behind the scenes, from hosts coming in masked up and sanitized to give you the news to many committee meetings to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

We have a board of directors of 9 wonderful people, and will soon launch our community advisory board.

We may not be able to dance and sing and lift a glass in celebration with you in person this year, but we are already planning the blowout party of the decade for our third birthday. Thanks to all the donors who stepped up to help buy KSQD’s license and equipment. Some folks saw the vision we had of locally owned, community media for all of us. You had faith that this could work, against some large odds. It was a mixture of grit, optimism, and dogged determination that allowed KSQD to become a reality.  Now it’s ours to nurture and grow into the kind of radio we all deserve at this juncture in time. Want to get involved? You can volunteer to help out with helping the station run smoothly, or propose a program, or call in your input about a particular show. And, we always welcome donations.

Muchisimas gracias. Viva la musica y las noticias para todo la gente!

Last year’s first-anniversary party

This year’s second-anniversary party

Next year’s third-anniversary party?