Good News Santa Cruz
Giving Locally to Support Racial Equity

On Good News Santa Cruz, July 1, 2021 Randa Solick interviewed Maria Elena de la Garza and Stacey Garcia of the Community Foundation about tips for how to give locally to support racial equity. Historically, organizations led by and serving people of color receive less grant money with more strings attached than white-led organizations. This history in philanthropy and the significant racial disparities in our county has led Community Foundation Santa Cruz County to increase investment in People of Color led and serving organizations in Santa Cruz County. Together, with leaders of color from trusted local nonprofits, they have put together resources and tips on how to give locally for racial equity.

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Community Foundation Web Presentation

Maria Elena de la Garza is the Executive Director of the Community Action Board, a nonprofit agency that works in partnership with the community to eliminate poverty and create social change through advocacy and essential services. CAB operates 6 programs assisting close to 10,000 low-income people with emergency, sustaining/self-sufficiency services and serves an additional 7,000+ with requests for information and referrals. Maria Elena was born and raised in Watsonville and her leadership focuses on a commitment to action, investment in emerging leaders and a deep connection to the Latino community.  She strives to represent invisible voices and experiences and amplify the narratives of the community that she represents. With over 30 years of nonprofit experience, she stands on the values of equity, humility, and service.

 Stacey Marie Garcia serves as the Engagement Officer for the Community Foundation.  Stacey’s role is to strengthen relationships among the Community Foundation, donors, nonprofit partners, and community leaders. She brings people together to connect, share stories, take action, and build a greater understanding of our community’s needs and solutions. She helps the Community Foundation cultivate trust across partners, advance racial equity in our actions, and ignite a love for giving in our community.