Gen Z and Democracy
Be Bold America

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Gen Z and Democracy

Tune in to “Be Bold America!” Sunday,

December 8 at 5:00pm on KSQD 90.7FM

Tune in for a very special discussion on the role this coming-of-age generation plays in the preservation of democracy. What does a democratic republic and a two-party system mean to them? What methods are they thinking about to encourage political discussion in productive and non-inflammatory ways. How is this even possible with the deep tribalism that has taken hold in America? How to they respond to a politicians’ lack of accountability and dishonesty and what are their ideas to combat it? Also find out Gen Z’s views are on impeachment, immigration, and social media


Interview Guests:

Jordi Faxon is a senior at Carmel High School who lives with his parents, twin brother, and 3 dogs in Carmel Valley. He is a jazz pianist with the Monterey Jazz Festival, and he is interested in studying Philosophy and Literature. His call to democracy comes from following the Catalan independence movement, as it represents his mother’s heritage, of the Catalan people.

Zoe Garderet is completing her senior year at Carmel High School. She is interested in studying Psychology and Law in college. With her involvement on her school’s Mock Trial team, Zoe has become fascinated by the world of politics and law, learning the flaws of both systems in the hopes of one day fixing them.