Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth

“Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth”

 “Be Bold America!” Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 5:00pm (PDT) 

We don’t need to rely just on climate scientists anymore to warn us that we are in a Code Red emergency.” – John J. Berger

The news is undeniably grim. Raging wildfires, record-breaking temperatures, monster storms, and any number of other climate-related disasters … warn us regularly that we are barreling toward environmental ruin.

Yet, Dr. Berger also insists that rescue is possible. In his new book, “Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth” he introduces us to the bold, practical, proven solutions that are ready to scale right now, and he profiles the scientists, ranchers, business leaders, community organizers, activists, engineers, farmers, and (yes) politicians who are implementing them.

Interview Guest:

JOHN J. BERGER Ph.D. is an environmental science and policy specialist, prize-winning author, and journalist. A graduate of Stanford and the University of California, he has written and edited 11 books, including three previous books on climate change, and written over 100 articles on climate change and transitioning to clean energy. His journalism has appeared in Scientific American, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and others.

He has been a consultant to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, corporations, utilities, and the U.S. Congress, as well as a newspaperman, editor, and a professor at the University of Maryland. John co-founded the Nuclear Information and Resource Service to assist citizen safe-energy groups and founded Restoring the Earth, to bring environmental restoration to national attention. He lives in El Cerrito, CA.

Guest Cohost:

Mike Clancy is the current Chair of the Monterey County Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and serves on the Question Review Team for the Annual Leon Panetta Lecture Series.  He has authored over 100 publications and is the recipient of the Navy’s highest civilian award, the Distinguished Civilian Service Award.