It was a moment to savor. Our second fall pledge drive was wrapping up on October 13th, 2020. As our goal of $25,000 came into sight, more calls and pledges poured in, sending us over $35,000! Listeners heard the message of why community radio matters in this particular moment.

You lift our spirits and tentacles in a big high-five.

Not only will we be able to pay our bills for another six months, but we are looking to the future and expanding our signal to places we don’t reach very well (Watsonville, Aromas, Boulder Creek).

Meanwhile, we’re planning a big special “Election Daze” extended coverage on November 3rd. We realize many races will not have conclusive results, but as our country and our local community collectively experiences one of the most consequential elections of our time, we will be there to report, console, counsel, soothe, analyze, and illuminate what is happening on the national and local level. Carefully selected music will comfort and calm frazzled nerves.  Your tour guides include Tony Russomanno, Wallace Baine, Rachel Anne Goodman, Erik Nelson, Katherine Bell, Jill Cody, Howard Feldstein, and many others.

Many thanks to all our volunteers and listeners. You rock our world and make this a better place to live.

If you missed all the pledge drive hullabaloo, you can always donate anytime, and we can give you a mask or t-shirt as a thank you gift.