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Dr Ann Lopez - Worsening farmworker family situations and Cora

On The March 3 Pauline Seales interviewed Dr Ann Lopez, founder and Executive Director of Center for Farmworker Families, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of migrant farmworker families on the Central Coast and in Mexico.

They discussed the worsening situation with regard to COVID, the drought, wildfires, and housing.

They also talked about the many awful effects of pesticides on farmworker health, especially when pregnant women are exposed. This situation haas prompted her group to set up a new program call CORA – campaign for Organic Regenerative Agriculture.

Finally Dr Ann concluded that the families need

  1. Immigration reform
  2. Living wages – at least $15/hour
  3. Work contracts to prevent wage theft.

Basic website – info and a chance to make contributions   

Presentation on the CORA program

Petition to local elected reps

Robert Rivas bill AB 125 will address some of the problems

More information on health problem caused by pesticides