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Democracy’s Fix: The Right Grabbed the Rule Book

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What gave the Right the winning hand was not unethical or anti-democratic content, but the fact that they had grabbed control of the rule book.

In elections, the Left needs to put as much or more energy into the composition of the electorate as into the campaign platform – while the Right has tried to limit the number of voters, the Left needs to expand the pool and make it easier to vote.  Redistricting and election administration, court rules and administrative procedures, all of these must rise to the top of the progressive agenda.  We can be ruthless about gaining power and changing the rules of the game while remaining true to our values of democracy, equality, and justice.

“Fredrickson exposes the powerful, wealthy string-pullers manipulating American politics with dark money, fake science, front groups, and—increasingly—amenable judges. Knowledge is power, and her book will help empower us to reclaim our country.”
— Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, author of Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy 

Interview Guests:

Caroline Fredrickson is the author of The Democracy’s Fix. Caroline was President of the American Constitution Society (ACS) from 2009-2019 and now is President Emerita. During her tenure, Caroline helped grow the ACS that now has lawyer chapters across the country, student chapters in nearly every law school in the United States, and thousands of members throughout the nation. Caroline has published works on many legal and constitutional issues and is a frequent guest on television and radio, including noteworthy appearances on “All in with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC in 2018 discussing the Russia investigation.

Mike Rotkin is a former five-time mayor of the City of Santa Cruz and served six terms on the Santa Cruz City Council between 1979 and 2010. Mike retired after teaching 42 years in the Community Studies Dept. at UCSC, where he served as Director of the Field Studies Program, supervising student interns working on social and environmental issues in Santa Cruz and around the globe. Mike currently does part-time organizing and grievance