Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
Democracy Abandoned with Gov. Don Siegelman

“Democracy Abandoned with Governor Don Siegelman”

Tune in to this very special interview with former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman 

KSQD 90.7FM “Be Bold America!” Sunday,

June 6, 2021 at 5:00pm

Charles Blow, New York Times ~ May 14, 2021 opinion column excerpts:

“Democracy cannot exist in a society in which nearly half the participants have abandoned it, a lie is elevated to the position of truth, participation becomes the thing being poisoned.”  

“The Republican Party is no longer simply a part of our political system; it is a threat to our political system. The party has converted itself into the enemy within.”   


America is at a tipping point. One political party believes in democracy and the other one is a major anti-democratic force. In this special interview, we will be speaking with the author of Stealing Our Democracy by former Gov. Don Siegelman.

Right before our eyes and that’s why it is hard to believe, the Republican leadership (RNC/Congress/GOP governors) have a ruthless plan underway to subvert our constitutional republic. They have turned ‘democracy” into a wedge issue with the intent of dismantling democracy for the acquisition and permanent retention of illegitimate power = tyranny.

It can happen here too and democracy is weakening around the world. We’re heading towards a total breakdown in a few years and no one can take our democracy for granted any longer. We must realize it now so that we are equipped to stop it. Democracy operates on an honor system. What happens when dishonorable people are in charge?

What’s being abandoned and what’s being embraced*:

Democracy Abandoned – Neo-Fascist Authoritarian Tyranny Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – January 6 Denial Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Spin / Misinformation / Lies / Conspiracy Theories Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Para-Military Groups (KKK / Proud Boys / 3 Percenters, etc.) Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Voter Suppression Embraced

 Democracy Abandoned – “The Big Lie” Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Party-Over-Country Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Glorification of Aggression Embraced

 Democracy Abandoned – Polarization-for-Profit Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Propaganda Media Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Criminalizing Dissent Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Manufactured Outrage and Hate Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Russia Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Police Militarization Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Corporate Feudalism Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Grievance/Resentment/Victim Identity Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Anti-Character Traits Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Inequality-for-all Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Brutal American Oligarchy Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Socialism-for-the-rich Embraced

Democracy Abandoned – Anti-Truth Cult Embraced

*Not an exhaustive list

Interview Guest:

Governor Don Siegelman is “America’s Political Prisoner #1” who also is the only politician in Alabama history to hold all the state’s top constitutional offices: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. As his 2006 campaign was getting underway, he was indicted ― wrongfully, according to scores of attorneys general from states across the nation ― convicted, and given a harsh prison sentence by a prosecutor and judge with links to GOP operatives Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff.

Gov. Siegelman’s case was the subject of a CBS 60 Minutes report and a full-length documentary titled, “Atticus v. the Architect.” He is the author of Stealing Our Democracy, (now out on Audible!) that explodes the myth of an impartial U.S. judicial system and tells the story of his living nightmare of being an American political prisoner who was convicted of a crime he did not commit.