Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Daniel Savio writes the songs for the San Francisco Mime Troupe's creative and satirical musical theater


Daniel Savio is a member of the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Artistic Collective, and he is the company’s resident Lyricist, Composer, and Musical Director. Daniel has been with the Troupe since 2015, as a musician, and has been writing songs for the company since 2019, including those in this year’s new original musical: BREAKDOWN.

The mission of the San Francisco Mime Troupe is to create and produce theater that presents a working-class analysis of the events that shape our society, that exposes social and economic injustice, that demands revolutionary change on behalf of working people, and to present this analysis before the broadest possible audience with artistry and humor.

The Mime Troupe’s artistic history has been a series of experiments with popular theater forms. Founding director RG Davis began in 1959 with avant-garde performance events in lofts and basements. When he discovered Commedia dell’Arte (Italian Renaissance marketplace comedy) he began a tradition of free shows in the parks that still thrives today.

In l987, the nation’s theater critics honored the SFMT with a special Tony Award for Excellence in Regional Theater. Their other most cherished honor is the San Francisco Bay Area Media Alliance Golden Gadfly Award. Still red and hot in their 60th year, the Mime Troupe continues to bring joy and energy to audiences while afflicting the powerful.

Their 2023 production, Breakdown, will be presented in London Nelson Park in Santa Cruz at 3 PM on August 19th and 20th in Santa Cruz.