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“Crushing Democracy: From the Pandemic to the Protests” with Mark Karlin, Buzz Flash

“Crushing Democracy: From the Pandemic to the Protests” with Mark Karlin, Buzz Flash

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Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 5:00pm

Democracy stands at a critical crossroads. Is the Trump presidency taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and protests for racial justice, to increase executive branch power? Is the November presidential election in peril given the skirmish over mail-in ballots, the uncurbed pandemic, and Donald Trump’s ego and fear of accountability?

In addition, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are attempting to gaslight the public in believing that the coronavirus will “disappear like magic.” Is it disappearing? In reality, its toll is starting to rise again and because of this, the European Union is considering banning flights from America to Europe starting July 1. Although most Americans regard the current situation with profound concern, is Donald Trump creating chaos as a cover for advancing his autocratic goals?

Interview Guest:

Mark Karlin is the founder, editor and publisher of, that celebrated its 20th anniversary last May. BuzzFlash was among the first reader-powered progressive sites on the Internet. It aggressively exposes the undermining of democracy and the ongoing peril of the Trump administration. Mark has had an eagle-eye view of democracy’s erosion over the past two decades.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English, cum laude, from Yale University and a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Illinois. He resides in the Midwest, which provides him with a political perspective from outside the Washington, DC, bubble.