Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Creative Insight with Coeleen Kiebert

On Good News Santa Cruz on Thursday, April 22, 2021 Host Debora Bone visited with artist, teacher, psychologist and Wisewoman Coeleen Kiebert about the Creative Process as a pathway to deep individual and collective insight. Coeleen’s clay and bronze sculptures have been a powerful presence in the Santa Cruz community and beyond. Join us to learn more about her online series, Mark of the Self and the Collective Unconscious first described by Carl Jung.

Check out Coeleen’s work via these links:

Coeleen Kiebert is author of All of a Sudden: The Creative Process, a book about managing one’s psychological process while creating.

Years of Coeleen teaching creativity are also represented in two documentary DVD’s produced by her videographer son, Wallace Boss.  Art and Spirit, Clay As A Way and Building a Personal Shrine.

You can contact Coeleen via her website:

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