Ask Dr. Dawn
Ask Dr. Dawn
Covid-19 Update, and more on Vitamin K

COVID-19 News: Second booster is recommended, EVUSHELD and Paxlovid treatments for COVID-19; Is high dose of Biotin useful? High biotin intake can interfere with hormone test results; Vitamin K2 helps reduce visceral fat; mRNA technology and the attempt to develop oral vaccines; Edible fluorescent silk tags to identify fake drugs; Caller inquires about how much Vitamin K and Vitamin D3 he should take; A case of dry mouth and related symptoms in a 72 year old woman; A repurposed treatment helps Duchenne Muscular dystrophy; Tele-robotic operations offer quicker response time to clear clots with strokes or aneurysms; Desire for faces to match their selfie image photos via plastic surgery operations; Low sodium, high potassium diet is good for hypertension

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