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Unheard Voices
Can Regenerative Agriculture Save the World?
On Unheard Voices, Friday, February 4, 2022 Ami Chen-Mills asks the question: Can Regenerative Agriculture Save the World? 
Join your host Ami Chen as she interviews local organic farmer, Javier Zamora, who worked his way up from working in the farm fields to owning his own thriving, organic farm in Aromas. We will also be joined by Cynthia Daley, co-founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Program at Chico State–a program on the forefront of helping to transition California agriculture toward the no-till and regenerative practices featured in the popular Netflix documentary, “Kiss the Ground.”
What is it like to be an organic farmer locally? What are the joys and challenges of this job? How far has the State come in promoting no-till methods of farming as a solution to so many problems, including the ongoing and massive climate crisis? How can we all help and get involved?
Javier Zamora                                                            Cynthia Daley