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California Democratic Party Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS): Vote Now for Delegates

On Talk of the Bay, Thursday, December 22 at 5pm Christine Barrington interviews potential delegates standing for election to represent you in the California Democratic Party Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS).

We have just crossed the finish line of a draining and surprising election. Draining, because so much was at stake and there was tremendous work to be done on the ground. Surprising, because so much terrific work on the ground was accomplished by many dedicated citizens parlaying their values into actions. An essential aspect of citizen action is holding office and effectively representing the will of the people. While we are aware of the very visible political roles people can play from President and Senator to mayor and city council member, what few of us realize is that there are many important political positions that impact our lives that we almost never hear of, but which we can influence with a vote. One of these roles is Delegate to the California Democratic Party Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMS)

Most people have never heard of Assembly District Election Meetings or the delegates who represent us that we can vote for. Today’s show aims to set this right.

To Register to Vote for These Delegates: ADEMelections.com

You must register before December 31, 2022!

Register to vote by MAIL at: https://ademelections.com/register/mail
Register to vote IN PERSON at: https://ademelections.com/register/person
Register using: your state elections registration information
  • Santa Cruz County has 3 State Assembly Districts 28 (Gail Pellerin),29 (Robert Rivas), and 30 (Dawn Addis) for which Rene Bloch, Yvette Brooks, and Rachel Williams are candidates for State Assembly Districts Delegate seats.
  • There are only 14 seats available in each district.  The top 7 Self-Identified Female (SIF) and the top 7 Other than Self-Identified Female (OSIF) will be declared the winners for Assembly District Delegate (ADD). We want Santa Cruz County to be represented.
  • The Progressive Labor slate AD30 includes Rene Bloch, Yvette Brooks, and myself, Rachel Williams, and 11 others from Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties. There are 8 others also on the ballot. Voting is important so our county is represented.
  • Our AD30 slate includes (and will appear in this order on the ballot): Yvette Brooks, Jen Ford, Erin Foote, Rene Bloch, Barry A Price, Tom Fulks, Jamie Maraviglia, Elena Garcia, Kate Daniels, Rachel Williams, Alexis Garcia-Arrazola, Mayda R Cruz, Cory Black, Alicia Louise Gaines, Cristina Medina Dirksen, Brian Mccarthy, and Jeff Lee.  Please vote for all 14!
Not sure what Assembly Delegates do?
Just a few of their responsibilities include electing party officers, voting for positions on ballot propositions, and establishing the California State Party Platform.
What is a Slate?
A slate is a group of individuals who agree to run based on common values and platforms and endorse each other’s candidacy to become elected and collaborate towards common goals.
Why do I have to register?
Even as a registered Democrat through state elections, you are not automatically registered to vote in the California Democratic Delegate elections. This election requires a separate registration.
How do I know what district I am in?
If you don’t know your district you can do an address search for the district you reside in.  Regardless of your district, we encourage you to register and vote.  Go to https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/ and enter your address.


About the show’s guests:

Rene Bloch:  You may know Rene as the Lead for Swingleft Santa Cruz since 2017. He also serves on the Executive Board of the State Democratic Party and the California State Democratic Party Organizing Committee. Rene Organized several massive canvass efforts including in the Central Valley in 2018 helping to flip the House, and in 2020 in Arizona helping to swing the Presidency by 10,000 votes and also usher in Senate control for the democrats.  This year he organized coastal activists for 10 canvassing weekends in Nevada  supporting Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. She ultimately won by less than one  percentage point, providing the Democrats Senate control.

Rachel Williams is a Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee Member and founding member of the inaugural Women’s March Group in SCC. She is active in county Democratic clubs both as a member, founding member, and E-Board member.  She is a supporter and activist for educators, healthcare workers, and women’s rights and served as a campaign manager for City Council candidate and volunteered for other progressive leaders’ campaigns. She is a proud  life-long philanthropist and professionally she works for a non-profit that serves farmers of color, beginning and sustainable farmers, and family-scale fishers through loans and educational services.