Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Cabrillo College Name Change: The Impacts of Colonization on Native Americans

The Cabrillo College name change process has inspired both admiration and divisiveness.  Amidst the controversy, the core reasons impelling the name change are often sidelined. On the Talk of the Bay Monday, August 14, Christine Barrington features excerpts from the April 2021 Cabrillo College Community Name Exploration Education Series entitled “The Impact of Colonization on Native Americans” and features the voices of Indigenous leaders and educators who speak directly to how naming can effect Indigenous erasure and why renaming can achieve reparation and heal communities from intergenerational effects of collective trauma. 

Panel speakers include Kanyon CoyoteWoman Sayers-Roods of Indian Canyon, Professor Cutcha Risling Baldy of Cal Poly Humboldt, and The Non-Native Historian and author Martin Rizzo-Martinez who now works at the California State Parks as the Historian & Tribal Liaison for the Santa Cruz District.
This show features excerpts from this April 2021 presentation. For the full 90 minute program, please use this link: Native American Panel on the Impacts of Colonization
Toypurina was a Kizh medicine woman from the Jachivit village. She is notable for her opposition to the colonial rule by Spanish missionaries in California, and for her part in the planned 1785 rebellion against the Mission San Gabriel. She recruited six of the eight villages whose men participated in the attack. She is featured in the talk by Cutcha Risling Baldy. What’s in a name? Listen for the story about these street signs in Dr. Risling Baldy’s talk.