On Tuesday December 29, 2020 Christine Barrington interviews KSQD Program Director and DJ of Wednesday evening’s Giant Steps. 

KSQD is community radio for the central coast. But what is community radio, and, what makes it different from other stations, both commercial and public? For one, KSQD programming is created by the community for the community, and most shows are produced right here in Santa Cruz by people volunteering their gifts for the sheer joy of doing what they do–for you, for me, and for our region–and at all hours of the day and night!

Who are these people spinning tunes, sharing tales, and inviting conversations with local and national personalities? Well, their stories may surprise you, and, I believe, they will delight you.

If you have been as curious as I have, then join me, while I pull back the curtain to discover who lives and breathes behind the mic.