Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Behind the Mic: Bobby Bishop

On Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 host Christine Barrington continues the series Behind The Mic with Bobby Bishop, DJ of Tuesday’s Jazz program B in the Night, a show that has been streaming over the Santa Cruz airwaves for 30 years, first on KUSP and now on KSQD. Bobby is also co-host of Friday’s talk series Unheard Voices. 

It is said that Community radio should be 10% radio and 90% community, and KSQD lives  up to that equation. Whether it’s music or talk, much of the programming streaming your way is created by community volunteers offering their talents for the sheer love of doing what they do. But, who are these people running the studio, spinning the tunes, and sharing tales with local and national personalities? Their stories will likely surprise and delight you.

You may enjoy the curated Jazz tracks and soothing voice of Bobby Bishop, but you likey do not know the influence he has had on the political transformation of Santa Cruz, his long history with KUSP, or that he was a boxing champ with a knock out record that lasted decades. Have a listen to discover who lives and breathes Behind the mic of Bobby Bishop.

Bobby Bishop in the early days at KUSP.