Ask Dr. Dawn
Ask Dr. Dawn
A Groundbreaking Heart Transplant. T cell Response to Covid Variants.

Dr. Dawn details University of Maryland School of Medicine’s transplant of a heart from genetically modified pig to human, along with some brief history of trans-species organ transplants, the use of novel drugs to reduce rejection of organs, and attendant bioethical questions.

“Consider the modest T cell”: a brief description of how T cells work, and new research from South Africa that shows new variants of Covid virus are susceptible to T cells.

Extra protein is “particularly important for the elderly in maintaining muscle mass”—Dr. Dawn explores alternate sources for extra protein, and looks at Davis College of Agriculture research and isolated protein in flours made from insects.

In response to calls and emails, she addresses supplements, a treatment for Lichen sclerosus, collagen, and protein for Menopausal women, discernment in purchasing and using CBD products, and the use of topical treatments for arthritis.