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Open Studios 2023 is right around the corner! Ann Ostermann with local artists share all the latest.

Open Studios is right around the corner and,  for art lovers, October is a month to celebrate, discover, and visit the rich community of artists of this region. On Talk of the Bay, Monday September 25, our guest is Ann Osterman of The Arts Council of Santa Cruz County. Ann has been organizing Open Studios for nearly two two decades, and she’ll be bringing with her three marvelous artists whose studios you can visit: Mixed media artist Janet Silverglate, Printmaker Stacy Franck and glass maker Randie Silverstein.

Join us and learn about the history, the present wonder, and the future of Open Studios as Ann enters her last year organizing this terrific event.

For more on our guests:

Randie Silverstein:
FB:@randiesilversteinglass/ IG:@randiesilversteinglass
Stacy Frank
Janet Silverglate