Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Accrediting the San Lorenzo Levee With Environmental Skillfulness

Christine Barrington interviews local river stewards about the San Lorenzo River Levee, which is undergoing a stringent accreditation process that requires vegetation removal and ground squirrel population reduction.  Environmental groups are concerned that the urgency for accreditation, and the speed at which this huge project must be undertaken, will threaten sensitive environmental restoration efforts, decades in the making, and involving thousands of hours of volunteer labor. 

Bruce Van Allen offers insights into the history of the levee and the arduous work required to engage the Army Corps of Engineers in aligning with environmental policies that could  support the river’s ecosystem.

Laurie Egan, Executive Director of the Coastal Watershed Council shares what her organization has accomplished in protecting the San Lorenzo biosphere and integrating Santa Cruz citizens with the life of the river. She also shares what the CWC is doing to protect years of work along the levee while the city endeavors to achieve FEMA accreditation by July 2023.

The CWC offers  locals a chance to engage as stewards of the San Lorenzo River every second Saturday. You can take part! Sign up here: Volunteer

Jane Mio heads the The Estuary Project also conducting volunteer work days every third Sunday of the month from 11-1pm. You can join this vibrant community of river stewards. Sign Up:

Santa Cruz County Volunteer Center:
CityServe:  Johnny Shamoun <>
Valley Women’s Club:
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