Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Trolling Fascism with Walter Masterson

Ami Chen Mills interviews TikTok and Instagram sensation Walter Masterson, who dons MAGA garb (a MAGA cap and American-flag shirt) and ventures out into “MAGA” land to interview, mock and troll the Christian Right, “forced birthers,” Moms for Liberty, C-PAC and Trump supporters.

A film actor and comedian, Masterson’s new gig (since 2020) has earned him 1.7 million TikTok followers and 330,000 Instagram followers and has helped to educate America about what is actually on the minds of MAGA, the GOP and the Christian Right.

Masterson also recently launched a podcast with his partner in crime, Maximillian Clark: “WE ARE NOT JOURNALISTS” on Apple and Spotify. He says he does “Daily Show” style interviews. And that he is a cross between “The Yes Men,” “Borat” and the “Colbert Report.”

Mostly, we fear for his life.

In this interview, we talk with Masterson about: how he got into this unique line of work; has he ever been punched?; has he made friends with any MAGA people?; has he dated any MAGA women?; what does he see as his role in US democracy?; what’s wrong with the Democrats?; and are sex chat lines too analog?

Masterson shares the funny stories that arise from his brash adventures in Right-wing conservative spaces, along with sobering thoughts about the coming election and what we should do.

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