It’s clear now that mask wearing is one of the ways we can slow the spread of COVID-19. Help spread the word by making your own radio  jingle to run on KSQD. Enter our “wear a mask” jingle contest!  Top entries will be run on KSQD and the top 3 will receive a K-Squid t-shirt. The deadline is August 30th.
Record it at home on your Iphone or recorder and send it to: Put “Jingle” in the subject line. Don’t worry if you can’t sing, just give it your all.
Shorter is better, under a minute is the goal.  Be creative. What rhymes with virus? What rhymes with mask? Does anything rhyme with pandemic? Use a karaoke instrumental for extra fun with parodies.
Here is one way to do it: Go on YouTube. Find the Karaoke version of the song you want to parody. Paste the URL from the video into the window on and download it.
Then you can put it on one track on GarageBand and sing along with it!
Too complicated? Just send us your lyrics and your best attempt at singing it using Voice Memos on your phone.
Let’s have fun reminding people to wear a mask…That’s, for our K-Squid jingle contest.
Here’s Rachel’s best attempt at a parody of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”.  Osiris, Papyrus, Virus, Miley Cyrus?