First Person Singular

First Person Singular segments feature the unique voices of our community, sharing a commentary, personal story, or an observation. To participate, submit 240 words to [email protected], which should be readable in 90 seconds.
After review, the writer will be invited to record it in KSQD’s production room. The producer then edits in the opening music, an intro and an outro.
Ellen Farmer – Public Banking

Ellen Farmer – Public Banking

Ellen Farmer asks, "How would a Public Bank help us in times like these?" for free Zoom forum on Sunday, May 31, 1:30 - 3:00 PM with Mayor Justing Cummings, Supervisor Zach Friend,...



M, W, and Th 7:57 AM, 5:58 PM


Mathilde Rand
[email protected]

Mathilde Rand

In December of 2008, I became part of the First Person Singular Team at KUSP (at that point we were five). During the last months of KUSP in 2016, I was the last hold-out. Now I am providing the same 2-minute program at KSQD, Community Radio, because I wholeheartedly believe in giving community members a voice. I am also the treasurer at KSQD.