Exploring Santa Cruz

Exploring Santa Cruz is hosted alternatively by Mathilde Rand and Jean Kratzer. We explore familiar and new places and activities of people living in Santa Cruz County through the lenses of a long-time resident (Mathilde) and a relatively new resident (Jean).
Covid-19 comes to Santa Cruz

Covid-19 comes to Santa Cruz

Dr. Catherine Sonquist Forest, Family Physician and Public Health Specialist, explains how protecting ourselves intertwines with protecting those who risk their lives to protect us in the time of...

Predatory Lending Practices

Predatory Lending Practices

Brandon Sencion of Santa Cruz Ventures talks with host Mathilde Rand about predatory lending practices: how to avoid them, how to control your own finances and steps organizations are taking to...




Monday, August 17 3:30pm

Mathilde Rand

In December of 2008, I became part of the First Person Singular Team at KUSP (at that point we were five). During the last months of KUSP in 2016, I was the last hold-out. Now I am providing the same 2-minute program at KSQD, Community Radio, because I wholeheartedly believe in giving community members a voice.In 2017, I started the Community TV program Connect, exploring the connections people establish with their community. When Jean Kratzer opted for the radio program Exploring Santa Cruz, she asked me to join. I have transferred a number of the Connect programs to an Exploring Santa Cruz segment. Live Exploring Santa Cruz programs are also offeredI am also the treasurer at KSQD.

Jean Kratzer

Jean is a relative newcomer to Santa Cruz after 35 years as a conference interpreter in Geneva, Switzerland