KSQD/Natural Bridges Media, as a community radio station, respects your right to free speech, and the right to privacy that enables it.  Our goal is simple: to keep as little information about you as possible, and to share it only with service providers that we use to communicate with you directly and maintain records of transactions we have directly with you (donations, event attendance, merchandise, etc.).

KSQD uses Salsa Labs as our member management platform.  When you sign up or donate to KSQD, personally identifiable information (name, email, phone, address, interests) is transmitted and stored by Salsa Labs in order to facilitate communications between you and KSQD, and to process transactions.  This information is accessed only by authorized personnel at KSQD, and disclosure to third parties is absolutely forbidden per KSQD policy.  If you no longer wish for your information to be retained by KSQD, you can contact us and have your information removed from this system at any time.

KSQD uses Google G Suite to manage its email system.  Any email communications sent to an @ksqd.org email address may be processed by Google’s servers.  Please see their related privacy policy for more information.  Correspondence sent to KSQD email addresses may be shared with other KSQD staff members or programmers in order to direct general inquiries to the proper person to handle them.

KSQD’s website hosting and content delivery providers may monitor connections to the site to protect against fraud and malicious behavior.  Personally identifiable information is not normally collected as part of this process, but the IP address of connections with suspicious activity may be retained to resolve the issue.

We do not disclose any information to third-party advertisers, and we do not share our members’ contact information or mailing lists with any other organization.