Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Winter Reading Treats from Narrative Species' Rick Kleffel

On Talk of the Bay, Monday, December 12, at 5 pm Christine Barrington welcomes Rick Kleffel of Narrative Species with 10 book recommendations from his honed literary lens.

Wintery days are a delicious treat for those who love to curl up with a good book and lose time by getting lost in another’s world. Rick Kleffel is an exceptionally qualified guest to guide us towards the words and worlds of writers worth getting lost with. Rick hosts KSQD’s Narrative Species, which airs every Friday at 5pm and is also podcasted. He has episodes stretching all the back to 2002, and his guests run the gamut from world renowned best sellers, to Pulitzer Prize winners, as well as the rare jewels you might never have caught wind of without Rick’s keen eye for the grand tale.  In this show we visit some of the “best of” with an eye towards inspiring you to hit the library, or perhaps the bookstore, for a stack of wonders to take home or gift to another at this special time of year. 

Enjoy these podcasts from Narrative Species covering the authors highlighted in this show:

Bonnie Macbird: What Child Is This?

Andrew Sean Greer: Less and Less is Lost

Kim Stanley Robinson: The High Sierra A Love Story

Angela Slatter:  Sourdough; The Path of Thorns

Jane Pek: The Verifiers

Jennife Egan: A Visit from the Goon Squad; The Candy House

Laurie R. King: Back to the Garden

Gwendolyn Kiste: Reluctant Immortals

Leopoldo Gout and Eva Aridjis: Monarca

Ben Percy: The Ninth Metal and The Unexpected Garden

Robert J. Lloyd: The Bloodless Boy and The Poison Machine