Ask Dr. Dawn
Widely diverse topics from plastic teabags to new anticancer molecules from bacteria

Silk organic tea bags are really plastic mesh that degrades into microplastics that are not good for you; Certain bacteria are linked to more aggressive prostate cancer. Evaluating cardiac artery plaque with carotid artery ultrasound; Research finds regular patterns of near-death experiences from cardiac arrest. Using Zinc to inhibit viral RNA production in cell culture might not work in the body. Is sublingual version of B12 an alternative to B12 injections? The rare Dieulafoy lesion disease that causes GI bleeding. Exercising while pregnant reduces epigenetic effects that contribute to obesity. Mediterranean diet reduces risk of pre-eclampsia, especially in African American women. Using nano-carbon to fight the many-disease-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito — CRISPR based anti-malaria experiment also discussed. A single carbon atom graphene sheet is an ultrasensitive microphone that detects single bacteria on its surface. Using ultrasound to induce the immune system to attack liver tumors in rats. Rare Actinomycetes bacteria in Hawaii are investigated for anticancer activity.