Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Who is Ami Chen Mills, Anyway?

The tables are turned (!) in this program, in which Moment-of-Truth team member Meilin Obinata interviews our regular host Ami Chen Mills about why she started this program at KSQD, and her background in activism, journalism and a spiritual psychology called “Three Principles” psychology.

Ami has written several books on activism (from her days at Northwestern University) and on to self-help (The Spark Inside for youth) and, in State of Mind in the Classroom, how educators can bring out the best in their students and themselves. (Hint: the first depends upon the second). In 2022, Ami threw her hat in the ring for the Santa Cruz County supervisor race and she discusses her learning and experiences being involved in a political campaign. How did Ami go from activism in college to journalism to spirituality and back to activism again?

Topics include:

  • College activism, working with the Bill of Rights Foundation, getting arrested, Phil Agee, Studs Terkel, Frank Wilkinson
  • The value of journalism? Can journalism really be objective? What is the difference between an artificial “balance” in reporting vs. fairness and accuracy?
  • Are we lacking a systems analysis of our nation in our journalism?
  • A “spiritual psychology” in community work, corrections, with youth and in government services
  • Where do activism and spirituality meet?
  • What drives someone to activism? Should we all be active now?
  • What is the balance between activism or civic engagement and prioritizing our mental health and well being?

Who is the woman behind MOT at KSQD? Find out in this special episode.

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