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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
What's Left of the Left? (Part 2)

“What’s Left of the Santa Cruz Left?” We continue our deep dive into this city’s ongoing growth machine and its economic and social collateral damage. Is all this growth good for Santa Cruz? And what about this “SoLa” plan, South of Laurel? It’s slated to bring some 1600 units to the city’s South of Laurel area? In the aftermath of last March’s defeat of ballot measure M, the floodgates of market-rate housing development are open wide. The building boom is on! Can Surf City’s charm and live-and- let-live way of life survive? Or will today’s current locals be usurped and spit out to the hinterlands by tomorrow’s San Jose crowd which continues to spill into town and gobble up the $3000 and $4000 market-rate one-bedroom apartments?
On our show we have the voices of dissent, those who want the community to rethink its current over-development that has been brought on by a slew of outside monied interests. Former State Board of Resources scientist and Measure M supporter, Susan Monheit will join local Tech worker Zaac Turner, and artist Russell Brutsche for a discussion of Who will save Santa Cruz? Are we the ones we’ve been waiting for?
Bodie Shargel and Chris Krohn moderate the discussion.
Circle church on California Street, demolished.
70-foot tall redwood tree at Lincoln and Pacific removed
Former sites of Community TV, Haber Furniture and Taco Bell,
on Pacific Ave. all demolished to make way for 205 market-rate apartments.