Chris Krohn’s Pilgrimage on Spain’s El Camino de Santiago


From mid-October to mid-November, Chris Krohn has been walking El Camino de Santigo in the north of Spain. Originally an ancient Roman trade route, it has been a renowned Christian pilgrimage since the 9th century. Today, El Camino is walked by 200,000 people from around the world each year, as a religious or spiritual quest, or personal challenge.  Chris is sending reports on his progress, places he is visiting, and people he is meeting.

Chris Krohn is a UCSC instructor, former Santa Cruz mayor, and former host of KSQD’s Talk of the Bay.


Here are Chris’s reports from El Camino de Santiago (click on the link).

1. Introduction + two interviews with Pilgrims

2. At the lodge

3. Gianmarco from Italy

4. Lilia from Florida

5. Lily from Toulouse, France

6. Inside ambience

7. Pilgrims from Denmark, Korea & Germany

8. Walking up a mountain on El Camino, Day 12

9. Monument to the Civil War

10. Pilgrims from the UK & Australia

11. French family on the Camino, Day 18

12. Nicolo from Italy

13. Solo on El Camino

14. Livia, Nico & Isabella from Italy

15. Just walkin’ in the rain

16. Sixty miles to go

17. Kathleen from Kansas

18. Day 30 on the Camino

19. Leaving Melide

20. Call to a group meeting

21. Ten miles to Santiago

22. Josh from Belfast, in Santiago

23. El final del camino