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The Dream Journal
Uncovering Enoughness with Michael J Kline

Enoughness. Do you have it? Don’t you want it? How to feel like you are enough by changing your feelings about your past with Regenerating Images in Memory. Our guest this week is the Enoughness Guy, Michael J Kline who argues that you don’t build your enoughness, you uncover it.

Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) is a facilitated process developed by Deborah Sandella, PhD, which dips beneath the logical mind to leverage awareness of the body for emotional healing. Described as psychedelics without the psychedelics, RIM is a client-led process akin to a waking lucid dream which helps create new emotional memories around difficult experiences. Mike gives an example of how he resolved a pre-birth memory using RIM and how that helped him move into a place of feeling more joy in his life.

After the break, Max asks a question about images that come up for him in waking life, and we wonder if this might be part of a spontaneous healing process even though the images are sometimes disturbing. We end by talking about emotions as a kind of feedback system in our life which tells us what is important.

BIO: Michael Kline never felt he was good enough. After fifty years of overcoming obstacles to create successes in work, home, health and happiness, nothing was enough. Accessing non-ordinary states with meditation, psychedelics and Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM), he dissolved his old stuck emotions, healing trauma and uncovering his natural enoughness.

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Also, please watch his recent TEDx talk entitled “Why You Never Feel Good Enough”:

This show, episode number 265, was recorded during a live broadcast on June 29, 2024 at, community radio of Santa Cruz.

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