Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Political Report, Tuesday, April 20, with Chris Krohn: Finding a new City Manager for Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is set to say goodbye to its below-the-radar-screen but controversial city manager, Martin Bernal.  For 25 years, he has presided over rampant for-profit condominium development, pushed to move the downtown library into a 5-story garage which few want or even voted for, and demonstrated a sheer lack of respect for and know-how in dealing with the increasing numbers of houseless sleeping in parks and city streets.  Nobody votes for a city manager, but people do vote for the seven council members who will choose Bernal’s successor.

Tuesday, April 20, on Talk of the Bay: What is a city manager? What traits should he/she/they possess? And will Santa Cruz weather the storm of monumental change coming to city hall?

Host Chris Krohn speaks with guests Cyndi Dawson, Planning Commissioner, School board trustee and former Mayor Bruce Van Allen, former 8-year city councilmember Ed Porter, Stacey Falls member of the Democratic Central committee, and community activist Lee Brokaw as they dissect the qualities of the current city manager and what is needed for the next one in confronting the challenges facing the city.