The Dream Journal
The Dream Journal
Transrational Dream Guidance with Hadley Fitzgerald

We talk today about the transrational logic of dreams with Hadley Fitzgerald and following our soul’s calling. We begin by talking about how addiction coopts the natural longings of our soul and how commercial images also can overwhelm our inner archetypal images leading to feelings of unworthiness and depression. We also talk about Hadley’s idea that our birth chart represents our DNA or Divine Natal Agenda. Hadley shares a riveting story of a dream about her deceased mentor that totally changed the course of her life causing her to move across the country and start a new career.

We take two calls, one from Carol about a recurring dream of bliss with her ancestors and one from Mel who shares a tender dream about feelings coming up for her around caring for her mother who died four years ago.

Hadley Fitzgerald, MA, LMFT, has been a licensed psychotherapist for almost as long as she’s been an astrologer. She integrates poetry as well as images from the birth chart, from dreams, and from multiple Tarot decks in her teaching and her private client work. She has degrees from UCLA and Phillips Graduate Institute; a certificate in Ecopsychology from the Institute for Cultural Change; and is also a Certified Tarotpy® Practitioner. She’s the co-author with the late Judith Harte of Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology, the author of the Psychological Astrology section of Under One Sky by Rafael Nasser, and an online educator with Astrology University. She believes we have another kind of DNA—a Divine Natal Agenda—and at the heart of her training and her work is the question: “What does your soul want of you?”



She’s in the Los Angeles area and can be reached at 818-783-3891

Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.

Show aired on February 20, 2021.


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