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Join us as we explore a range of topics relating to the healing aspects of night time dreams. I will talk about my personal dream journey and share what I’ve learned as a dream coach. I will have interviews with experienced dreamworkers and others on the path of dreaming, but the heart of this show is YOU, your nighttime dreams, your daytime desires, and your hopes for a better life. Call in, and explore your dreams on the air. Dreams, they really can transform your life.Podcasted episodes available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher.
Feeling the Love with Kezia Vida

Feeling the Love with Kezia Vida

Kezia Vida has been a Natural Dreamwork practitioner in New Orleans for 9 years, and teaches about how to cultivate a relationship with your dreams that is transformative and nourishing. She teaches...




Saturday, July 20 10:00am


Katherine Bell, katherine (at)

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Katherine Bell

Katherine is the founder of Experiential Dreamwork. She has worked with dreamers and dream groups for over 20 years in the Santa Cruz area. She has found her life deepened and enriched through her personal dreamwork and is passionate about helping you become more truly you by tuning into the insights that your nightly dreams offer. She is the founder of the Festival of Dreams Santa Cruz ( and an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Find her at