Talk of the Bay

Talk of the Bay is committed to covering political, social, and cultural topics from around the Monterey Bay. We focus on current events and people making news locally (from the central coast to Sacramento). We also consider national and international issues, their impact on the central coast, and local responses. We tackle perennial topics like housing, homelessness, transportation, education, and more from a new angle.

Women’s Round-the-World Voyage

Women’s Round-the-World Voyage

Over two years and 38,000 nautical miles, a crew of 300 women will take on 30 challenging voyage legs to sail through some of the densest ocean plastic accumulation zones on the planet to study...

Solar Dividends Book a Game Changer

Solar Dividends Book a Game Changer

Talk of the Bay, Thursday with Rachel Anne Goodman What if we could end poverty AND tackle climate change with one big idea? After four years of calculations and studying this concept, author and...

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Monday, December 11 6:00am


Suki Wessling and Christine Barrington (Mondays)

Chris Krohn (Tuesdays)

Len Beyea (Wednesdays)

Rachel Anne Goodman (Thursdays)

Rick Kleffel/Clara Shirley-Appel (Fridays)

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   Rachel Anne Goodman

Since 1980,  Rachel has hosted radio shows on public stations around the U.S. where she interviewed many amazing figures. She is the producer of radio documentaries such as Southern Songbirds: The Women of Early Country and Old Time Music, A Labor of Love: Midwifery in the South, The Boomtown Chronicles, and Pastures of Plenty, a History of California Farmworkers. Ms. Goodman has a Peabody award for her work on The DNA Files for NPR. She currently teaches at Cabrillo College
in Aptos and at UC Santa Cruz.