Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, October 11 (rerun of September 5th): Yea or Nay on Measure O?

Yea or Nay on Measure O?

Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, October 11, 5-6 PM


Rick Longinotti, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

Martin Gomez, former Director of the
Brooklyn Public Library

There has likely been no local ballot initiative as hotly debated as Measure O, the “Our Downtown, Our Future” initiative since Measure M, the pro-rent control ballot measure which appeared on the ballot in 2018. The Measure O initiative ballot argument in favor states: “Let’s keep our Downtown Library where it is. Let’s enhance the public space where we know the Farmer’s Market and Antique Faire thrive. Let’s reserve 8 city-owned parking lots for 100% affordable housing.” The No on Measure O rebuttal is equally as blunt: “Don’t be fooled by claims that measure O supports affordable housing. This ill-conceived, irresponsible initiative delays or kills real affordable housing for Downtown that is already moving forward.”

So which is it? If approved,  will Measure O create more affordable housing, or it will it put an end to an affordable housing project already in the making?

Don Lane, 3-time mayor of Santa Cruz

John Hall

This week on Talk of the Bay, your host Chris Krohn interviews proponents for and against Measure O. Former Mayor Don Lane and retired librarian Martin Gomez will be arguing against Measure O, whereas Campaign for Sustainable Transportation chair, Rick Longinotti  John Hall, co-chair of Our Downtown, Our Future,”will be talking about the benefits Measure O will bring.Will campaign fireworks be the result? Come hear the debate this Tues. Oct. 11th from 5-6pm on Talk of the Bay, KSQD 90.7 and